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Treff for gamle kjente?
av BjerkneZ Okt 07, 2017

God Jul... igjen :)
av BjerkneZ Okt 07, 2017

God Jul til Win-xp.no!
av kentaarl Nov 12, 2016

av errenn48 Okt 17, 2014

Bare for morroskyld :)
av Skoony Sep 11, 2014

Flytting av windows 7 fra IDE til SSD--
av JonV Jan 13, 2014

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Lørdag 06 Juli @ 12:44

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 Recover Windows Password without Formatting Hard Disk

Ble medlem: Jun 14, 2012

Svar med Sitat
Could you imagine that you are unable to log into your Windows admin account by using the password that you have ever set before? Perhaps you forgot windows password and thus Windows does not allow you to log in. Click to see the password hint, which may help you to recall the password. However, if you do not have any hint, then what should you do to login on Windows? Usually, many computer users think it the very first solution that formatting your Windows hard drive. I am strongly against doing so since it will remove all data from your hard drive. Why not find an easy and reliable way to reset your Windows password by using Windows password recovery tools?

People are inclined to forget a number of things in their computer life - such as creating regular backup, defragmenting the hard drive, and even the Windows login password. There are various alternative methods that you can try to reset the Windows password as following:
Windows password reset disk - It is a disk in Windows that you need to create in advance while setting password to your Microsoft Windows computer. Any time you forget your Windows password, it helps you to reset the admin password, without requiring you to format the hard drive and reinstall Microsoft Windows.
Restore the System - If you do not have a password reset disk in place, you can try restoring Microsoft Windows operating system to the previous working state. However, if the Windows hard drive contains critical data that you saved after creation of restore point, you should not go for restoration. The process deletes all the data that is stored after the restore point is created.
Windows Boot Disk - You can also use the boot CD of Microsoft Windows operating system to reset the password. The boot disk enables you to repair the Microsoft Windows operating system. Repairing the operating system sets your password as blank and lets you set a new password after next boot.
If you are not able to benefit none of the above methods and you think you have to reinstall Windows operating system to recover your Windows password, then you are wrong. There is an easier, quicker, and automated method to reset Windows admin password – Windows Password Reset Software. It is capable of resetting Windows password for all the versions of Windows operating system and all brands of computers. They are totally easy to use as they come equipped with simple and rich graphical user interface. It fully deserves the most effective solution to reset windows server 2003 password also including Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP, and server operating system 2000/2008, etc.
Don’t make such a hasty decision that to perform a clean installation of your Windows as this process will erase all important data ever preserved on your computer. It’s drastic and obviously destructive. I still regard Windows password reset tool as the best way to reset Windows password due to every situation can be fixed by Windows password reset tool.
Svar på Emne

Recover Windows Password without Formatting Hard Disk
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